La Voix humaine

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Fans of French opera, Edith Piaf or Dorothy Parker.

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Starring Anna Caterina Antonacci
Accompanied by Donald Sulzen

Anna Caterina Antonacci returns in an intimate performance featuring a selection of French art songs and Poulenc’s one-woman opera La Voix humaine. In this explosive work, Antonacci is “alternately cajoling, charming, frantic and exhausted,” (The New York Times) as a desperate woman on the phone with her soon-to-be ex-lover.



"Her expressive, rich-toned soprano sounded alternately urgent, seductive, charming and desperate...her Elle manages to illuminate the depths of her obsession without going over the top."–East Bay Times

"[Anna Caterina Antonacci] cloaked Poulenc's vocal lines in an expressive sheen...found and explored minute gradations in the character's pain." –San Francisco Chronicle

"Antonacci, who has been performing La Voix humaine for several years, gave a mesmerizing performance in all respects."–San Francisco Classical Voice

"Debussy's 'Chansons de Bilitis' got a sensuous rendition, all sinuous melody and shimmery vocal color." –San Francisco Chronicle

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BERLIOZ: La mort d’Ophélie, Op. 18, No. 2

DEBUSSY: Chansons de Bilitis

POULENC: La fraîcheur et le feu


POULENC: La Voix humaine