Who's Gonna Love it

People who want to get to know the San Francisco Opera Orchestra musicians and Adler Fellows, and all music lovers.

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This event has ended. Check out Season Two's ChamberWORKS on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 8pm. 

Members of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra curate two eclectic and intimate nights of music and song featuring the 2016 Adler Fellows. Program highlights include the premiere of "Bourne to Shelley" by Shinji Eshima and Piano Trio" by David Conte (April 7); Adler Julie Adams performs works by Previn, Chausson and Ponchielli (April 20).

Who You'll Hear

April 7
Brian Thorsett Tenor
Kay Stern Violin
Emil Miland Cello
Kevin Rivard Horn
John Churchwell Piano
Mark Morash Piano
April 20
Julie Adams Soprano
Craig Reiss Violin
Jennifer Cho Violin
Sergey Rakitchenkov Viola
Thalia Moore Cello
Olga Ortenberg-Rakitchenkov Harp
Noah Lindquist Piano



Franz Schubert — “Auf dem Strom,” D.943 (c. 1828) D.943
David Conte — Piano Trio (2011)
Esa-Pekka Salonen — Concert Étude (2000)
Benjamin Britten — Canticle III: Still Falls the Rain, Op.55 (1954)
Franz Joseph Haydn — Duet for Violin and Cello in D Major, HOB VI: D1 (c. 1768)
Lou Harrison  — Suite for Cello and Piano (1995)
Shinji Eshima — “Bourne to Shelley” (World Premiere)

Marin Marais — Suite in D Minor from Pièces di viole, Book I (1686)
(arrangement by Robert Boulay)
Amilcare Ponchielli — Eternamente (1874)
Carlos Salzedo — “Whirlwind,” from Five Preludes for Harp Alone (1917)
Carlos Salzedo — Chanson dans la nuit (1927)
Ernest Chausson — Chanson perpétuelle, Op. 37 (1898)
André Previn — Vocalise (1995)
Dmitri Shostakovich — String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 110 (1960)
Richard Strauss — Morgen, Op.27, No.4 (1894)