“All the heroes and gods will respect my gold; the world will cower when I command; they’ll beg my favors, fearing my frown!”

David Cangelosi

Clan/Family: Nibelungs
Relatives: Alberich, brother
Appears in: Das Rheingold and Siegfried
Main Leitmotif: Mime’s Complaint
Performed by: David Cangelosi

Similar to his brother Alberich, the dwarf Mime is greedy and dreams of the power the ring could bring him. Greed is not his only driver though. When Alberich has the ring in Das Rheingold, he enslaves Mime. Once Alberich loses the ring, Mime sees an opportunity to get back at his brother by stealing the ring from its current owner, Fafner. Mime runs away to the forest where Fafner resides and raises the orphaned Siegfried with the plan that Siegfried would slaughter Fafner and get the ring for him. However, Mime is not the brightest schemer. In the end, Mime’s grand plan backfires and Siegfried, alerted to Mime’s treachery, slays not only Fafner but the devious dwarf as well.