“Though you despise me, you’ll soon serve me, the Nibelung’s son.”

Andrea Silvestrelli

Clan/Family: Nibelungs, dwarves who inhabit the depths of the earth
Relatives: Alberich, father; Mime, uncle; Gunther, half-brother; Gutrune, half-sister
Appears in: Götterdämmerung
Main Leitmotif: Hagen
Performed by: Andrea Silvestrelli

The most successful schemer in the Nibelung clan, Hagen is cunning, sharp and calculating. From the minute he takes the stage, it is clear he’s been plotting to seize the ring for a long time. The brooding Hagen’s strong determination makes him a born manipulator, and it doesn’t take much convincing for either Gunther or Brünnhilde to blindly follow his lead. One of several characters in the cycle who seek the ring for its power, Hagen comes close to capturing it. Fortunately, Brünnhilde returns the ring to the Rhinemaidens as she throws herself onto Siegfried’s funeral pyre, restoring the world to its natural order. Dragged to his doom by the Rhinemaidens, Hagen’s desperate final words are: “Get away from the ring!”