Ring Glossary

Ring Glossary: Golden Apples


Magic apples cultivated by the goddess Freia, who alone knows how to grow them.  Eating them daily keeps the gods from growing old.

Ring Glossary: Heldentenor


An “heroic” tenor often associated with Wagnerian opera. Heldentenor roles require power, stamina and a very large range. And the most famous heldentenor role in all of music is…Siegfried!

Ring Glossary: Nibelungs


Dwarves who live underground and mine gold, work at forges, and are skilled metalsmiths.

Ring Glossary: Norns


Three daughters of Erda, the goddess of wisdom, who weave the cords of destiny that determine fate: past, present, and future.

Ring Glossary: Notung


"needful;" The mighty sword that Wotan drives to its hilt into the tree in Hunding’s house. Siegmund’s father [Wotan in earthly form as Wälse] had promised him he would find a sword in his hour of need.

Ring Glossary: Tarnhelm


A magic helmet that enables its wearer to assume any shape or be invisible at will and to transport the wearer through long distances.

Ring Glossary: Valhalla


The home of the gods; a fortress built for them by the Giants—Fasolt and Fafner—from which the gods can govern the world in security.

Ring Glossary: Valkyries


Warrior maidens who gather the souls of fallen heroes from the battlefield and bring them to Valhalla, where they become part of Wotan’s protective army.