“Where Sieglinde lives in joy or pain: there must Siegmund live with her.”

Brandon Jovanovich

Clan/Family: Mortal
Relatives: Wotan, father; Sieglinde, sister and wife; Siegfried, son
Appears in: Die Walküre
Main Leitmotif: Sword
Performed by: Brandon Jovanovich

The son of Wotan and a mortal woman, Siegmund is a hero raised with his twin sister, Sieglinde, from whom he becomes separated as a young boy. Wotan, bound by treaties and compacts, fathers Siegmund in the hope of creating a free agent unfettered by such obligations who can return the ring to the Rhinemaidens and lift its curse.

A great warrior, yet pure of heart, Siegmund falls deeply in love with his twin sister Sieglinde when they rediscover each other. Unlike his father, Siegmund is concerned only with love. His devotion moves the Valkyrie Brünnhilde so much that she betrays her father Wotan’s command and tries to prevent Hunding, Sieglinde’s husband, from killing Siegmund. Wotan, seeing that Brünnhilde is determined to protect Siegmund, intercedes, letting Hunding’s spear fatally strike Siegmund.