“Nothing is sacred; you harden your hearts, when you men lust for might.”

Jamie Barton

Clan/Family: Gods
Relatives: Wotan, husband; Freia, Donner and Froh, siblings
Appears in: Das Rheingold and Die Walküre
Main Leitmotif: Enchantment
Performed by: Jamie Barton

Goddess of marriage, Fricka is the moralistic figure in the piece and to some, one of the most misunderstood characters. Viewed by many as a shrew, she always tells the truth, no matter how unflattering it may make her appear. Beautiful and graceful, she wishes for a more tranquil domestic life with her husband Wotan, who often strays from her side. Ostensibly to appease her (but really to secure his power), Wotan builds the massive fortress Valhalla, where Fricka hopes they will finally settle down. Alas, her husband continues to stray, more interested in power, other women and the legacy of the gods.

When she discovers that Wotan’s twin children Siegmund and Sieglinde have fallen in love, she forces Wotan to forsake his son Siegmund, and, therefore, abandon his hope that the hero might reclaim the ring.