“The world’s wealth can be mine if I utter the curse? Though love be denied me, yet cunning can bring me delight?”

Greer Grimsley

Clan/Family: Nibelungs, dwarves who inhabit the depths of the earth
Relatives: Hagen, son; Mime, brother
Appears in: Das Rheingold, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung
Main Leitmotif: Curse
Performed by: Falk Struckmann

The dwarf Alberich is the first main character the audience encounters and the anti-hero of the story. Brutish, uncoordinated and greedily determined, he is a foil to Wotan and along with Wotan, acts as a symbol for power and wealth.

Alberich’s decision to denounce love in order to forge the ring and achieve dominion over the world at the beginning of Das Rheingold, sets up the main conflict of the story—the fight for the ring.