Tip #1: You will need to tap your screen every so often to avoid the automatic time-out (about 30 minutes) during the performance.

Tip #2: Bring a cord and power supply to make sure your phone can display throughout the performance.

Tip #3: Some users have been able to set their phone’s brightness into "Dark Mode" to minimize the contrast of the unavoidable navigation bar. Please look at your phone manufacturer’s instructions on how to change this setting.

Apple users can visit their support page at

Tip #4: If you are viewing on your smartphone, you may want to adjust the delay for automatically dimming your screen (or screen saver and screen-off times on a desktop) to the longest possible interval.

Tip 5: Having trouble connecting to the wifi? 
Make sure you're connected to the network: Marin Center Public.  No password is required.

First, try closing your browser and then opening it back up and navigating to

If that doesn't work, try navigating to a website that changes constantly like, - if you are connected and able to visit that site just fine, then try going directly to this link.

Finally, try these steps:

1. Close your browser, again

2. Disconnect from the Marin Center Public network

3. Reconnect to the network

4. Open your browser again and navigate to and look for the welcome text (or the supertitles if the performance has already begun)