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We believe that participation in the performing arts leads to deep appreciation of beauty and diverse points of view. Our programs help young people grow into curious and caring citizens with a strong sense of self and empathy for others. 


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Summer Conservatory students

Opera Scouts

After our great Italian adventure in April, 2018, this cultural and performing arts ensemble for teens enters its fourth year with exciting opportunities to sing, learn, attend performances, and travel!

From September to May, we hold weekly meetings, master classes and workshops, perform at recitals and community events and attend performances all over the Bay Area.

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Sing with us

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Self-expression. Confidence. Joy.

Students engage with beloved classics of the repertoire, building confidence and self-expression while exploring a panorama of colorful characters and engaging stories.

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Create with us

Commitment. Creativity. Collaboration.

Inspiring 10 to 14 week residencies bring out the creative artist in all students, allowing them to engage with their curricula, communities and one another in meaningful ways. We can also hold residencies in high school classrooms.

School Programs

Perform with us

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Teamwork. Responsibility. Inventiveness.

In these intensive, hands-on programs, students develop skills as singers and actors as they rehearse and perform operatic repertoire tailored to fit young voices.

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Engage with Us

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Insightful. Engaging. Inspiring.

We have brought students to San Francisco Opera since 1939. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Bay Area students have attended these performances.

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Community Programs

2019-20: The Year of Reflection

Cultural appreciation and education is made up of many diverse voices sharing stories that resonate deeply within the community.  It is with that spirit of collaborative experience that we broaden our reach and our programming and focus on the impactful evolution of musical storytelling.

The Year of Reflection

When Orpheus left the underworld with his newly rescued wife Eurydice behind him, he was told to keep his eyes steady on the path and not look back or he would lose her forever. Full of doubt, he turned, and that lack of trust plummeted him into tragedy.  This story—which is the subject of the first opera that is still produced today, and many others since—teaches us that looking back can lead to loss, and that doubt, fear, and lack of trust can, indeed, sabotage the future.  However, there is another kind of looking back: reflective curiosity, which can lead to achieving deeper cultural understanding, self-knowledge, and insights that are vital to making good decisions as we move forward.

In this Year of Reflection we will examine how we got where we are now by focusing our work and programs on the following key areas:

    • Historical storytelling:  Revealing our personal and collective histories and cultures.
    • Reflection: Exploring how to study the past and gather new tools to move forward with a growth mindset.
    • Revisions: Refining our work in progress with a critical eye and asking, “Does our impact match our intent?”


Please join us as we uncover the glory of all that is opera, look back to revel in its cultural relevance, encourage the many diverse voices around us, and grow as a community.

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Discover Opera

Learn about school and family programs offered by San Francisco Opera Guild and San Francisco Opera.

For Families:

First Act

Exploration Workshops

Movie Screenings

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Performing Arts Connection

Summer Conservatory

Opera Scouts

Opera for the whole family.

Opera Guild programs:

Sing a Story

Opera à la Carte

Book to Bravo!

Voices for Social Justice

Creative engagement, performance and composition programs for every grade level.

Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action):

Network Program

Residency Program

VAPA Mini-Residency

PEAK Program

Connect professional, artistic and creative elements with classroom curricula.  

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