Voices for Social Justice

Students create a musical story based on challenges they face every day in their communities.

Music is often used as a conveyor of ideals, opinion, rebellion and affirmation. In this program, we look closely at how art and song have contributed to shaping and encouraging social change. Students identify social and political conflicts in their communities and put the power of songwriting into practice as they create their own opera.

Information for Teachers

For grades 4–8. This program consists of ten 90-minute class sessions, a performance, and a 45-minute follow-up session. Two teaching artists plan content with the classroom teacher, who also works with students to complete assignments between visits. Access to performance space and a piano in good working order is necessary.


$1,200 for each participating classroom. Scholarships are available for qualifying schools.

Passport to Cultural Understanding

This year we are delving deeper into language acquisition and communication. As we celebrate the words of another culture, we begin to identify with one another and share personal connections to stories. Join us in our new venture as we offer our residencies in Spanish/English bilingual form.

Learn more about the Opera Guild's Year of Cultural Understanding.

This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.