Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena

A contemporary bilingual opera by Evan Mack and Joshua McGuire

Based on the Mexican folk tale, Lucinda y las Flores de la Nochebuena tells the story of how the poinsettia became a meaningful symbol of the holiday season. Audience members have the added opportunity to participate in the Poinsettia Project -- an initiative to empower students to identify and celebrate their inner strength.

       Produced by San Francisco Opera Guild        

Directed by Caroline Altman

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Who It's For

Grades K–5 in groups of 10–100. Single tickets are also available for individuals and families.


On hold until December 2021. Check back for updates.



Reservations required


The opera unfolds as young Lucinda and her mother make a blanket together. They plan to give it as a gift at a Christmas Eve celebration, but Lucinda's mother grows very sick and they cannot finish it in time. As Lucinda finds the strength to attend the celebration alone, with just wildflowers to share, a holiday miracle teaches her that giving from the heart is more important than the gift itself.


The year of THE STORY

Written in a combination of English and Spanish, this lovely holiday opera transcends religious preference with its strong message of courage, hope and transformation, and looks at how traditions guide our faith and character.


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