It's a Wonderful Life synopsis


On Christmas Eve in the Heavens, an Angel Second Class named Clara sits on a swing and counts. She has been waiting in this place 200 years for a chance to earn her wings and become an Angel First Class. Tonight, for the first time, she hears hundreds of prayers that none of the other angels can hear—prayers for a man named George Bailey in Bedford Falls, New York. This is George’s darkest hour as he stands on a bridge and contemplates jumping into the river below to end is life. Who is he? Why is he about to jump? Why can she hear these prayers? How can she help him? Is it too late? Just before George jumps, the angels stop time. They send Clara to Earth where she will be his guardian angel, learn about him, and try to save his life. Clara leaps off her swing and lands in a magical place of doorways and portals. This is where all of the days of George Bailey’s life meet. Door by door, step by step, Clara will walk with George from childhood to this precarious moment on the bridge. On her journey, she will see how one life can make a difference to a community and to the world. Together, Clara and George will learn what makes a wonderful life, and that no one is a failure who has friends.