Educator Materials

Opera can easily be integrated into your classroom. These online resources, designed for all grade levels, are designed to help educators connect specific opera performances to classroom curriculum.

  • Aida

    Aida Educator Materials

    Verdi’s grand Egyptian epic returns in a bold new production inspired by contemporary artist RETNA. An intimate love story of an Egyptian military hero, Radames, and a captured Ethiopian princess, Aida.

  • Strauss' Arabella

    Give and love until the day we die.

    Arabella is expected to marry for money to save her aristocratic parents from ruin, but she yearns for a soulmate. When she finally meets him, a case of mistaken identity leads to a mix-up that could ruin everything. A romantic comedy of errors set amid the society parlors and costume balls of Vienna’s golden age.

  • Carmen Educator Materials

    This beloved opera tells the passionate tale of the alluring Gypsy girl Carmen, the Spanish soldier who loves her and the spirited bullfighter who comes between them.

  • Cinderella Educator Materials

    With an open heart and determination, Cinderella triumphs over her mean-spirited relatives.

  • Das Rheingold Educator Materials
    Scorned by three beautiful Rhinemaidens, the dwarf Alberich renounces love and steals the Rhine’s magical gold to forge a ring granting its bearer absolute power.

  • Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Educator Materials

    In his comic masterpiece, Wagner set aside gods and goddesses to tell a touchingly human story about the power of art.

  • Die Walküre Educator Materials
    The chief god Wotan fathers the hero Siegmund to regain control of the ring. But, when confronted with the futility of his dream, Wotan is forced to forsake not only his son but also his beloved daughter, the warrior-maiden Brünnhilde.

  • Don Carlo Educator Materials

    At the time of Spain’s brutal Inquisition, the king of Spain marries the woman his son loves and sets into motion a tension-filled chain of events.

  • Don Giovanni

    Don Giovanni Educator Materials
    Mozart’s smart and otherworldly take on Don Juan explores the darker side of the legend, delivering a brilliant flirtation between comedy and tragedy, lust and logic, pleasure and pain.

  • Don Pasquale Educator Materials

    Sparkling with virtuosic singing and playful humor, Donizetti’s boisterous comedy pits the miserly Don Pasquale against his nephew Ernesto and Ernesto’s sweetheart, the crafty young Norina.

  • Dream of the Red Chamber

    Dream of the Red Chamber Educator Materials

    One of China’s greatest classical novels—as famous in China as Romeo and Juliet is in the West—recounts the love triangle between a young nobleman and two very different women: one his spiritual soulmate, the other a beautiful heiress.

  • Elektra

    Elektra Educator Materials

    In the wake of the Trojan War, Elektra’s world has come unmoored. When her desire for justice becomes a blood lust, she pushes her fractured family to the brink of destruction.

  • Girl of the Golden West Educator Materials

    In opera’s version of a classic Western, we meet a crafty criminal, a suspicious sheriff and a tough frontier woman with a tender heart. The dramatic love triangle is set in California during the GoldRush.

  • Girls of the Golden West

    Girls of the Golden West Educator Materials

    Sourced from historical writings, this world premiere opera follows four remarkable characters who flock to Gold Country hoping to strike it rich but are quickly caught up in the optimism, greed and prejudices of a rapidly changing world.

  • Götterdämmerung Educator Materials
    As the end nears for the gods, and human ambition rules the world, Alberich’s son Hagen hatches a plot to take control of the ring, threatening the union of Siegfried and Brünnhilde. Fueled by greed, Hagen’s actions lead to chaos and destruction, until Brünnhilde steps forward to return the world to its natural order.

  • La Bohème

    La Bohème Educator Materials
    When Rodolfo meets Mimì, the two young lovers are consumed by passion. The world’s most beloved and influential opera invites us into one of the most tragic romances of all time.

  • La Traviata

    La Traviata Educator Materials
    When the glamorous but fragile seductress Violetta Valéry and her admirer Alfredo Germont find love, it seems nothing can keep them apart. But the rules of society and family expectations betray them, and Violetta’s fate takes a tragic turn.

  • Lucia di Lammermoor Educator Materials

    A father’s betrayal. A daughter’s sacrifice. Longing only for love, a brave young woman sacrifices her own happiness in a desperate attempt to save her father’s life.

  • Madame Butterfly

    Madame Butterfly Educator Materials

    Cultures clash when a trusting young geisha marries an American naval officer stationed in Nagasaki. Puccini’s gut-wrenching music takes the audience on an emotionally charged journey through innocence, betrayal and sacrifice towards a heartbreaking finale.

  • Manon

    Manon Educator Materials

    Composed at the height of the Belle Epoque, Jules Massenet’s bright, sensual opera follows a pair of not-so-innocent young lovers as they tangle with the toast of Paris, inviting dangerous consequences.

  • Rigoletto

    Rigoletto Educator Materials
    A curse shatters the lives of the hunchbacked court jester Rigoletto and his innocent daughter, Gilda.

  • Siegfried Educator Materials
    A generation has passed as the cycle’s third opera opens on a despoiled world. Raised by the deceitful dwarf Mime, Siegfried—the mortal son of Siegmund and Sieglinde—rebuffs authority as he wins the ring and forges his own path to the extraordinary woman who awaits him.

  • Sweeney Todd Educator Materials

    A bloody good story. Exiled by a corrupt judge, a wronged barber returns to Dickensian London to quench his thirst for vengeance.

  • The Barber of Seville Educator Materials

    Cunning, clever, and big-hearted, Figaro is precisely the sort of person you want as a friend.

  • The Elixir of Love Educator Materials

    In this delightful comedy, the course of true love is made smooth by a “magic” potion. The production is set in Napa Valley circa 1915.


  • The Fall of the House of Usher Educator Materials

    Edgar Allan Poe's Gothic tale about a decaying castle inhabited by a tormented man and his sickly sister comes to life—twice!

  • The Magic Flute Educator Materials

    In a fantastical world of ferocious dragons and enchanted musical instruments, a noble prince sets out to rescue a beautiful princess and ensure the triumph of truth and justice.

  • The Triplets of Belleville Educator Materials

    Be transported to 1920s Paris and Le Jazz Hot as composer-conductor Benoît Charest leads Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville in a live performance of his original score during a screening of Sylvain Chomet's beloved animated film.

  • Puccini's Turandot

    Turandot Educator Materials

    Turandot—a cold-hearted but exquisitely beautiful princess who challenges her suitors to a deadly game of wits. Only Calaf, an exiled prince, is hot-blooded enough to crack her icy veneer.