ARIA VAPA Mini-Residency

Create a short curriculum unit that connects to artistic and creative practices of a  VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) discipline.

The VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) Mini-Residency focuses on connecting the study of opera to any of the following VAPA disciplines: studio art, theater, dance and instrumental or vocal music. This two or three-session program is designed for VAPA classrooms.


Grades K–8


2 or 3 class visits


Educator teaches a VAPA discipline (studio art, theater, dance or instrumental/vocal music); educator is willing and able to participate in a 1-2 hour professional development session with an SF Opera teaching artist prior to starting the residency


$60 per class visit for Bay Area Public Schools with 30%+ Socio-Economic Disadvantage status; $100-$250 per class per opera resource (i.e. $100 for an Adler Fellow visit, $250 for Final Dress Rehearsal attendance, etc.)

Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action) is San Francisco Opera's suite of in-school arts education programs. ARIA programs connect professional, artistic and creative elements with classroom curricula. Through the lens of opera, students are exposed to music, creative writing, dance, theater and visual arts.


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