ARIA Residency

Focus on one of the many awe-inspiring elements of opera production with a San Francisco Opera Teaching Artist.

Working together with a SF Opera Teaching Artist, participating educators develop a customized curriculum around an artistic or creative element of opera. Elements may include: writing, composing, vocal performance, acting, dancing/movement, set design, stage direction and opera history.

Depending on the number of visits, the program may include a performance and/or creation component.


Grades K–8


4–12 class visits


A minimum of two dedicated classroom educators per school; a 2-3 hour planning/professional development meeting for all participating educators; and a weekly planning meeting between the educators and Teaching Artist on each school visit day.


$60 per class visit for Bay Area Public Schools with 30%+ Socio-Economic Disadvantage status; $100-$250 per class per opera resource (i.e. $100 for an Adler Fellow visit, $250 for Final Dress Rehearsal attendance, etc.).

Opera ARIA (Arts Resources in Action) is San Francisco Opera's suite of in-school arts education programs. ARIA programs connect professional, artistic and creative elements with classroom curricula. Through the lens of opera, students are introduced to music, creative writing, dance, theater and visual arts.

The Opera ARIA Network is built on these 3 key elements:

  1. In-school collaborative partnership between dedicated classroom teachers and SF Opera Teaching Artists.
  2. Participation in Professional Development sessions.
  3. One opera resource to ensure a multi-dimensional experience for students of all learning types.


Have questions? Email or call (415) 551-6296.