SFOpera - Join Connor Rapier at the Opera!

Join Connor Rapier at the Opera!

Hello! My name is Connor and I attend the San Francisco Opera pretty regularly with my mother, Tiffany, a fellow opera member. Though I am young and only in middle school, I enjoy the performances immensely. "But, wait!" you might be thinking, "He's too young for the opera; this is abnormal!" You see, my love of opera began in fourth grade when my class was invited to a dress rehearsal of Carmen. From the costume design, to the "behind the scenes" production mechanics and finally the captivating performance, opera permanently stole a piece of my heart.

Whenever I go to the opera I am reminded that many of my fellow opera enthusiasts are ahem...  not quite my contemporaries. Why is this? Why is my generation found to be in such short supply at such a magical place? Maybe lingering stereotypes and preconceived notions about the opera keep younger generations out. The art form of the opera has been around for centuries, starting in 1597 with the famous Dafne. Back then, the opera was for everybody; prince and pauper alike. Over the years, opera evolved into a past time predominantly of the "haves," which all but excluded the "have-nots." As evolution does, the wheels keep turning to create another, better version. This is the case with opera; the once stuffy, formal atmosphere has been replaced with welcoming acceptance. Tuxedos have been replaced with more casual attire (yes, even jeans) and "family" operas are now a thing.

In celebration of the return of the  awesome "people's opera" at the next performance I will not wear my school's dress uniform (Stuart Hall, Go Lions!) in its stead, I will wear a casual polo and khakis. If you have been waiting for an excuse to catch a show, this is it! Don something a little more casual, grab a friend and get a ticket! I can't wait to see you all there!

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