Education and Engagement

2016–17: The Year of Compassion

Opera is much more than the sound of music. It’s a powerful educational tool that draws on all aspects of human experience and infuses them with passion. San Francisco Opera Guild education programs will inspire and enthrall you at any age.

K–12 Education Programs

Inspiring and delightful short and long-term in-school programs bring opera to children all over the Bay Area.

Panels and Lectures

Our panels and lectures offer insights from everyone from musicologists to main stage artists.

Backstage Tours

Witness the magic that happens behind the scenes!

The Year of Compassion

Opera stories are human stories. With that in mind, the Opera Guild is launching something new this year—a key concept to inspire and shape our award-winning programming, and to celebrate the students, educators, artists and communities with whom we have forged such meaningful relationships. Through art we better understand others. We walk in their shoes, see differing points of view, gain broader cultural perspective and develop COMPASSION.

A red lotus symbolizes compassion in several cultures. Look for this symbol for the Compassion Connection in our programs.

This year we want compassion to be the fire behind our work with you, and have broken this concept down into key areas of consideration: 

Where we find family: Ensembles on and off the stage

How we take care of ourselves and one another: Individual action and responsibility to community

Empathetic action: Connecting to those in need

Softening the bully: Building self-esteem and communication

Giving Voice to Potential

Combining timeless stories, inspiring theater and delightful music with the universal values found in celebrated classics, our educational programs foster creative expression, integrity, collaboration and confidence.

Available for all grades, we reach tens of thousands of Bay Area children with innovative programs that embody the powerful life lessons that only opera can provide.

Engaging community outreach programs also bring operas and artists within reach of thousands of adults every year.