Corporate Sponsorship

Nurture Tomorrow's Leaders

Our community depends on the Guild’s award-winning education programs, and our corporate partners play a vital role.

Because opera incorporates drama, music, design, history, culture, language and literature, our education programs nurture the whole brain and help students develop vital skills for success: ingenuity, creativity, conceptualization, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Our corporate partners benefit from distinctive opportunities to increase brand awareness while effectively targeting a sophisticated, well-educated and influential audience to improve brand awareness.

Corporate partnership opportunities include sponsorships of specific programs or events, as well as in-kind support. We can also tailor sponsorships to meet your specific philanthropic goals. All net proceeds from corporate gifts go directly to our education programs.

Play a role. Inspire future creative thinkers, strategists and innovators.

For Further Information

Contact Susan Malott at (415) 565-3291 or [email protected].