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Pay the lowest prices for the best seats and enjoy discounts on additional single tickets for mainstage performances.

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Full Series subscribers get the highest priority, followed by Half Series and Design Your Own Series holders.

Insider Tip: Full and Half Series receive the same seat for each performance and can keep those seats from season to season.

SEAT upgrades

Enjoy complimentary seat upgrades redeemable two days before your performance. Receive two upgrades with a Full Series and one upgrade with a Half Series or a Design Your Own Series.


Enjoy free exchanges made at least 24 hours in advance. See complete exchange policy.

Insider Tip: Place your Full or Half Series on the phone to make early exchanges and/or drop an opera from your series. Restrictions apply; view the exchange policy for details.

personal service

Personal service with Subscriber Representatives

Access your own subscriber representative in the Box Office. With over 50 years of combined box office experience, Ruth Van Slyke and Beverlee Hassid are dedicated to helping subscribers get the best experience.