Tommi Brem

(Neu-Ulm, Germany)

2016-17 Season: Projections and Scenic Adaptations in Don Giovanni

Making his San Francisco Opera debut, artist Tommi Brem works and collaborates in many fields, including video, theater, and opera. In 2012, he directed the projections seen in the world premiere of Detlev Glanert’s Solaris at the Bregenz Festival. His engagements as a theatrical designer include A Streetcar Named Desire, Andorra, and Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart at the Badische Landesbühne in Bruchsal, Germany, and he produced An Authorized Adaptation of Frank Zappa’s Thing-Fish at London’s Battersea Arts Centre. Brem is a curator and designer of exhibitions with international artists, including at Burning Man. Premiering this fall is his latest project, an immersive video/theatrical production of 24h de la vie d’une femme at the Badische Landesbühne.