Dr. John Mastrogiovanni

Dr. John Mastrogiovanni was first introduced to Wagner’s Ring at the age of five by his father. By the age of nine, he was opening Wagner’s piano scores and outlining all the leitmotifs with their numerous variations. In 1995, Dr. Mastrogiovanni joined the Wagner Society of Southern California and in 2010, he became the Chairman. He lectures on Wagner in different venues, including societies, clubs, and colleges. Mastrogiovanni wrote the book Parsifal: The Will and Redemption in which he utilizes Wagner’s own concepts from his letters and prose works to help define the meaning of this amazing "sacred stage drama." As a recent lecturer in Bayreuth, he describes the book as, "If you love Wagner’s Ring and feel ready to enter his last opera Parsifal – this is the book to accompany you.” Mastrogiovanni is also an ordained minister and has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years, traveling and educating pastors and leaders throughout the United States, Great Britain and Europe.