Desiree Mays

Born in Ireland, Desirée Mays moved to London to become a ballet dancer in the opera ballet as a young woman.  She eventually came to the States where she happily raised two sons with her American husband, and gradually became immersed in the world of opera all over again—from the other side of the footlights.

Desirée is a globetrotter for opera; she lectures both live and on radio across the States, she writes books on the subject, she takes groups of people world-wide in search of that perfect opera in that perfect opera house somewhere on planet Earth. 

Her summers are spent at home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she has been the resident speaker and storyteller for The Santa Fe Opera since 1995. 

Desirée writes a book every year called Opera Unveiled on the five operas of each Santa Fe season.  This book is now in its 14th year. 

Winters find her lecturing coast to coast from the Metropolitan Opera in New York to the Los Angeles Opera in California.

She has spoken to Wagner Societies in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and Dallas and was the lead speaker for the Kirov Ring in Orange County in 2006. 

Desirée hosted two radio shows: "Our Arts" in Salt Lake City where she co-produced the award-winning series "Life is a Creative Process."  She also produced and interviewed arts personalities on "CenterStage" for KSFR 101.1 in Santa Fe.  Currently she produces "Yoga Moments" for KSFR. 

Desirée holds a Masters of Arts degree in the Humaniites from the University of Utah.  She taught a class there and at the University of New Mexico entitled "What is Opera."

Desirée directs Art Forms Inc., an educational, non-profit organization whose motto is: "Art forms through awareness."