A Message of Solidarity

Updated February 2021

Black Lives Matter.

San Francisco Opera commits to embodying the ideals of racial equity and social justice not just in words but in actions.

We are coming to understand the critical role the arts play in facilitating vital dialogue about race, bias, healing, and transformation. As a historically white, eurocentric institution, we must confront our own legacies of inequity. We have begun that process by becoming a learning organization, and we’ve instituted ongoing, organization-wide learning modules designed and implemented by our Department of Diversity, Equity and Community. Diversity training is available to all Company members, whether a staff administrator, a singer in the chorus, a member of the Board, or even the General Director. The modules offer study in history, race, privilege, power, and oppression. Participants are guided through critical dialogues that engage thinking around diversity, equity and inclusion.

We commit to continuing the examination of our complicity in perpetuating inequity and structural racism in the world of opera. To date, the Company has established its first board committee focused on equity. This is the first time in San Francisco Opera history that a committee has been composed of both board members and non-managerial staff.

Our aim is to be transparent about the ways in which we have been holding ourselves accountable for fostering the progressive actions we’ve committed to. To quote Dr. Vincent Matthews, Superintendent of San Francisco Unified School District, “The heart of an antiracist system is personal, professional and system-wide accountability.” We look forward to continuing to share and talk about the steps we take and not only the ways in which we are successful, but also the ways in which we are challenged to grow.