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San Francisco Opera Guild’s five Chapters extend the reach of opera into communities throughout the Bay Area. Chapters sponsor lectures and events, and keep their members informed of opera news from around the world. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in opera.

Chapter Events

From garden parties and champagne galas to concerts and composer interviews, Opera Guild Chapters sponsor dynamic and delightful events.

Insights and Previews

Explore an opera's history, composer and significance at Opera Previews presented by Chapters throughout the Bay Area.

Meet the cast and creative team of select operas at exciting Insight Panels. Chapters sponsor exclusive receptions for additional opportunities to meet the cast.

Contact your chapter

East Bay Chapter

Silvia Lin, President

(925) 838-9255


Marin Chapter

Camille Morishige, President

(415) 479-7743


Peninsula Chapter

Judy Kahn, President    

(650) 948-8881


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San Francisco Chapter

Esther Jennings, President

(415) 751-7732

Sonoma County Chapter

Neva Turer, President  

(707) 539-1220  


San Jose Opera Guild

Peggy Heiman, President            


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