2019–20 Season

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See gripping stories. Hear soaring music. Be entertained. Join us for eight stunning productions including Romeo and Juliet, The Marriage of Figaro, and Hansel and Gretel.

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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

The blossom of first love
Sacrificed on the altar of pride and hate.

Despite the senseless, bloody conflict between their warring families, two young lovers commit to each other in life and death. Experience the rush of first love in one of the most epic tragic romances.



Romeo & Juliet

September 6–October 1, 2019

Billy Budd

September 7–September 22, 2019

The Marriage of Figaro

October 11–November 1, 2019

Manon Lescaut

November 8–26, 2019

Hansel and Gretel

November 15–December 7, 2019


June 7–July 2, 2020


June 12–June 27, 2020

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs

June 20–July 3, 2020

Blue Background

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Billy Budd

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