The Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera

“I am convinced that this is the most elegant and efficient way the needs of the Opera can be met for the next fifty years.”
--David Gockley, General Director

In 2010, General Director David Gockley, with executive staff and Board input, established a long-range plan called the 2020 Vision. The final major piece of the 2020 Vision plan is the creation of The Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera, designed to consolidate all Company functions that have occupied expensive and inconvenient spaces throughout the City onto the War Memorial Campus. Many of San Francisco Opera’s shops and administrative offices currently operate in seven venues scattered across San Francisco.
The creation of The Wilsey Center for Opera will take place while the Veterans Building is undergoing a two-year seismic retrofit, slated to begin in 2013, funded by the City of San Francisco’s capital improvement fund. In addition to the conveniences this move affords, it will save San Francisco Opera well over $1 million in operating costs annually, allowing the Company to better focus its resources on artistic work onstage and in the community. Beyond the numerous tangible advantages of The Wilsey Center for Opera, the greater value may indeed be intangible. The unified campus location will create opportunities for collaboration and teamwork that our current isolated facilities do not support.

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Watch a virtual tour of The Wilsey Center for Opera, narrated by General Director, David Gockley:

The Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera

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