The Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera

“Creating this wonderful asset will be our generation’s most important legacy to the Company. Please consider supporting this vital effort.” 
—David Gockley, General Director 

In early 2016 San Francisco Opera will celebrate a defining moment in the history of our Company with the opening of the Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera. This important new venue will provide a unique opportunity for us to reimagine what opera as an art form can be, and will influence the growth and development of our Company for decades to come.

Learn more about this exciting project and see the latest construction photographs.

Become a founding contributor to the Wilsey Center for Opera with a gift of $1,000 or more and help realize this milestone project in San Francisco Opera’s future, while receiving recognition and exclusive preview opportunities.

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Illustration: Jacobs Illustration. Photography and design: Public.

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