The Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera

Funding Levels & Naming Opportunities

“Creating this wonderful asset is the most significant physical addition to San Francisco Opera’s facilities in a half-century, and it will be our generation’s most important legacy to the Company. Please consider supporting this vital effort.” –David Gockley
Atrium Theater $5,000,000   
Name: Donor Name Atrium Theater

Education Studio $3,000,000
Name: Donor Name Education Studio

McAllister Foyer $1,000,000   
Name: Donor Name Foyer

North & South Galleries (2) $1,000,000 each (South Gallery available)     
Name: Donor Name South Gallery

Conference Rooms (2) $500,000 each   
Name: Donor Name Opera Conference Room

Builders' Circle (10) $250,000

Name on commemorative plaque

Additional giving opportunities are available and will be further defined as the project continues to take shape. Naming gifts are being sought through the end of calendar year 2013.

To learn how to make a Wilsey Center gift: contact Andrew Morgan at (415) 565-3266 or