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By Ian Storey (Siegfried)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Next month, tenor Ian Storey will make his role debut as Siegfried in Götterdämmerung. Throughout the lengthy rehearsal process, Ian has been snapping photos of his friends and colleagues. This gallery of photos, all taken by Ian Storey and his trusted pianist Adam Laslett, gives an insiders look at some of the behind-the-scenes rehearsals, activities and personalities that all come together to create The Ring of the Nibelung.
[Left: Ian Storey in character as Siegfried. Photo by Cory Weaver]
Right: Choreogapher Lawrence Pech assists supernumerary Jerry Locsin as he puts on his bear costume. The bear appears as Siegfried's
companion in Act I of Siegfried.
Below: Lawrence Pech coaches Jerry Locsin
on how to move like a bear.
Below: Ian Storey as Siegfried, clasping the Tarnhelm and the
Ring, receives instruction from Director Francesca Zambello
Below: Nina Stemme as Brunnhilde and Ian Storey as Siegfried rehearse a scene from Götterdämmerung with Francesca Zambello.
Right: Ian Storey, Nina Stemme and conductor Donald Runnicles take a break in the sunshine outside an orchestra rehearsal in San Francisco’s Presidio.
Left: Conductor Donald Runnicles leads an orchestra rehearsal
Below: Pianist and coach Bryndon Hassman with conductor Donald Runnicles in the Presidio
Below: Gerd Grochowski, appearing as Gunther in Götterdämmerung, relaxes during a staging rehearsal.
Right: Bryndon Hassman and pianist Adam Laslett compare notes
Below: Andrea Silvestrelli as Hagen and Ian Storey as Siegfried rehearse Götterdämmerung with male supernumeraries
Below: Nina Stemme with prompter Susan Hult 
Below: Melissa Citro. Melissa appears as Freia in Das Rheingold,
Ortlinde Die Walküre and Gutrune in Götterdämmerung.
Right: Andrea Silvestrelli (Hagen) and Ian Storey (Siegfried) become blood brothers









Above: Melissa Citro as Gutrune, Andrea Silvestrelli as Hagen and Gerd Grochowski as Guther rehearse a scene from Götterdämmerung.
Right: San Francisco City Hall at night: the view from the War Memorial Opera house