Ring Statistics

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By San Francisco Opera

Friday, June 10, 2011

For an opera company, producing Wagner’s Ring cycle is a feat worthy of those found in Greek mythology. Here’s a brief look at what it takes at San Francisco Opera:
Total number of people involved on stage / in the pit = 415
( 1 conductor + 1 director + 5 designers + 1 choreographer + 30 singers + 94 orchestra + 76 chorus + 52 supers + 115 crew + 30 music and production staff + 10 studio teachers and wranglers (not counting administrative staff, volunteers, ushers, box office staff, etc.)
Total number of animals = 12 (2 dogs, 1 bear, 1 “bird”, 1 frog, 1 serpent, 6 dead animals)
Total time to complete the Ring = 17 hours.
Total number of pages of orchestral music = 2,092 pages. These reprints of the 1870s first editions take up 8 inches of shelf space.
Total number of trucks to transport the set = 26 53-foot trucks.
Total prop versions of the sword Nothung used during the cycles = 6 (2 regulars, 1 break-away, 2 sets of shards, and 1 set of forging pieces)
There are more than 400 lighting cues involving 500 lighting instruments.
There is more electrical power used than in any other production ever undertaken here: the under deck lighting alone requires 400+ amps (more than your average home)
More than 100 hours of video media have been edited down to the projections.
920 liters of liquid nitrogen are used nightly for fog effects. [Above: Tanks of nitrogen being delivered to the Opera House] 
There are 2,650 supertitle slides.
Number of notes sung by the woman’s chorus = 15.
Each cycle of the Ring will take 14 terabytes of data to record video and audio. That’s equivalent to about 350 home computers of storage per cycle.