Ring Cycle Cast Party

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By Photos by Kristen Loken

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The cast, production team and crew for the Ring celebrated the end of the first cycle after this past Sunday's performance of Götterdämmerung.





           (L to R) Director Francesca Zambello,                     Our Sigfrieds (L to R): Jay Hunter Morris and Ian Storey
 San Francisco Opera General Director David Gockley,
                             Nina Stemme

         The Rhinemaidens (L to R): Renée Tatum,                    The Norns (L to R): Heidi Melton, Ronnita Miller,
            Stacey Tappan, and Lauren McNeese                                            and Daveda Karanas

              (L to R) Gordon Hawkins (Alberich)                                         (L to R) Anja Kampe (Sieglinde)
                    and Francesca Zambello                                                    and Elizabeth Bishop (Fricka)

   (L to R) Adelle Eslinger, member of San Francisco                      German diction coach Nora Norden (L), who
    Opera's music staff; conductor Donald Runnicles;                   retired this month after more than forty years with
                          and Nina Stemme                                                the Company, chats with David Gockley

 (L to R) Jay Hunter Morris and David Cangelosi (Mime)               Members of San Francisco Opera's Stage
                                                                                                         Management and Music Staff

             Members of San Francisco Opera's                                       David Gockley and Anja Kampe
                      Rehearsal Department

                 Nina Stemme and her family                                   David Gockley thanks everyone for all of their
                                                                                                 hard work on this summer's Ring cycle