Ring Withdrawal

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By David Gockley (General Director)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am suffering Ring withdrawal! Coming to work and seeing an empty stage at the Opera House where just ten days ago Rhinemaidens cavorted, giants plodded and swords flashed leaves a huge void in my life. My career has always been about the curtain going up and audiences being enthralled. Now I have to wait two months for the Fall 2011 season to open with Turandot and Heart of a Soldier. But oh the recent memories! [Left: General Director David Gockley in front of an empty stage. Photo by Terrence McCarthy]
What I will remember and cherish most about the Ring was the electricity in the theater and the cheers of the audience. Something great was happening! Zambello’s production told the story clearly and tangibly. Runnicles’ orchestra was majestic. Nina Stemme gave the greatest individual performance I’ve experienced over my forty years in the business. The performances of Stefan Margita (Loge), Brandon Jovanovich (Siegmund), Andrea Silvestelli (Fasolt and Hagen) and David Cangelosi (Mime) consistently brought the house down. Jay Hunter Morris rose to the challenge presented to him. That there were eleven former Merola participants and eight former and two current Adler fellows in the casts celebrated the stature of these great programs. [Right Crowds at the War Memorial Opera House. Photo by Terrence McCarthy]
Every person in the Company made a contribution to the success of this effort, and they all knew it was something way beyond the norm. Now we’ll take a deep breath – and a couple of weeks’ holiday – before hopping on the bucking bronco again. [Left: David Gockley and Francesca Zambello express their gratitude to the entire cast of the Ring cycle]
My thanks to everyone who contributed to this blog. Revisit us for Heart of a Soldier.