Group Sales FAQ

Q. Which plan is best for me?
The following chart will help you decide which plan fits your needs. You may also contact our staff for assistance.

  Traditional Group Plan Flexible Group Plan
Coordinator purchases block of tickets and collects all members' payments
Coordinator does not handle any payments
Group members must purchase their own tickets directly from the Opera
Group gets customized ordering web page for members to purchase their own tickets
Contiguous (adjacent) seating available
Contiguous seating not guaranteed
Offer multiple performance dates
 X  X
Ticket discount available
 X  X
Event planning assistance available

Q. How large must my group be to receive group sales benefits?
At least 10 people.

Q. Can we all sit together?
Under the Traditional Group Sales Plan, you purchase a block of seats, so you can all sit together. Under the Flexible Group Sales Plan, everyone buys their own tickets online at different times, so we can’t guarantee you will be seated next to each other. Many groups find that sitting next to each other isn’t critical since people don’t converse during an opera performance. Larger groups actually prefer offering many sections to accommodate different price points and seating preferences.

Q. What else can we do to make the evening more fun?
Our staff can help you design a dynamic schedule of events to fit your group’s interests. The most popular activities for groups are cocktail receptions where members can mingle or educational lectures that help them enjoy the opera more.

Q. How do you determine the discount?
The Traditional Group Sales Plan discount is based on the final ticket count. The Flexible Group Sales Plan discount is based on your best estimate of how many people will attend. For both plans, the more people attending, the higher the discount. See our  Traditional Group Plan and Flexible Group Plan pages for information on actual discounts.