Tips for Planning a Successful Group Event

1. Plan early.
The earlier, the better. Allow yourself plenty of time to make arrangements, and ensure maximum turnout by getting on people’s calendars early. We recommend you contact us at least two months in advance to start planning.

2. Think weeknight.
Avoid the crowds at busy weekend performances by coming on a weeknight (Monday-Thursday). Your group can mingle in a relaxed environment. You’ll also enjoy lower weekday ticket prices and better seating availability.

3. Order early. 
The early bird gets the best seats. The earlier you order, the better your seats will be in your section. Performances often sell out, so Flexible Group Sales Plan groups ideally should start selling tickets at least one month in advance, and Traditional Group Sales Plan groups should also start as early as possible.

4. Spread the word!
Having enthusiastic group members help you promote and host the event makes a huge difference. Find people who’ve attended the Opera before or who are simply excited about the event. Ask them to help you spread the word and/or greet guests as they arrive.