Henryk De Rewenda


Bass Henryk De Rewenda, who has been singing with the San Francisco Opera Chorus since 1985, started his musical career at age six as a boy soprano, singing with "Echo Association" in Lodz, Poland. At the same, time he was admitted to the State Music School in a class of violin.

Twelve years later, after finishing his music school, he decided to change the direction of his studies. He enrolled into the prestigious State Theater, Film and TV School in Lodz, Poland, the institution that gave us such artists as Wajda, Polanski and Skolimowski. He also studied singing with George (Jerzy) Czaplicki, a world-class baritone.

After graduating, Henryk started his acting career in Warsaw, Poland. He soon was a favorite of Poland's theater goers, performing such roles as: Harold Hill in The Music Man, Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Diomedes in Troilus and Cressida, and many, many more. He also appeared in countless TV and film roles.

The production of The Music Man was attended by the composer, Meredith Wilson himself, who convinced Henryk to come to America. Since his arrival in the U.S. in 1980, Henryk has appeared as John Kikulski alongside of Alfre Woodard, Dennis Farina and Moses Gunn in The Killing Floor, a movie produced by The American Playhouse. He also had a guest appearance on the popular TV show, McGyver. In addition, he hosted a weekly radio show, Languages of Music, on WBEZ-FM in Chicago.

It is worth mentioning one very interesting fact: Henryk De Rewenda is also a "Soul Man." His life-long love for Jazz and Blues shaped his personality and soul. Together with his wife, Jo-Ann, he started a Record Label, www.jowenda.com, presenting music composed and performed by him.

He is interested in languages, sciences, cosmologies, mechanics of cognition, and life itself.