National Auditions

San Francisco Opera Center National Auditions including the 2014 Merola Opera Program and Adler Fellowship Program.

San Francisco Opera Center, Sheri Greenawald, Director, under the auspices of the internationally renowned San Francisco Opera, David Gockley, General Director, and Nicola Luisotti, Music Director, offers a continuing sequence of performance and career development opportunities for the best young professional singers, coaches and stage directors.
Successful auditionees are invited to participate in the Merola Opera Program, a summer program of performance and study. The Adler Fellowship Program is a renewable yearlong residency offered to selected singers and coaches who have completed the Merola Opera Program. Additionally, selected artists may be offered contracts for a debut recital with the Opera Center’s Schwabacher Debut Recital Series. This series, endowed in perpetuity by the generosity of celebrated Bay Area singer, scholar, and teacher James Schwabacher, takes place each spring at a San Francisco venue.
Each summer, the Merola Opera Program provides intensive training for selected singers, coaches and stage directors. Participants receive classes in acting, languages and stage movement, as well as individual coaching and master classes with international artists and directors. Two opera productions, a staged scenes program with orchestra, and concert with orchestra will be presented. For five years after leaving Merola, alumni may be eligible, with Merola's approval, to receive up to a total of $10,000 in career grants, with a maximum of $5,000 in any single year.
2014 Merola Opera Program performances will include:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s

André Previn’s

SCENES PROGRAM with orchestra
Open to all voice types
Repertoire will be chosen to showcase these artists
All scenes staged
A concert with all artists performed with orchestra
Every singer will be cast in an opera or the scenes program
Regional auditions in 2013:
Chicago 10/14, 15 (10/16 AC & AD*) 10/16, 17 9/16/2013
San Francisco 10/21** 10/21 9/20/2013
San Francisco 10/22 10/23 9/20/2013
Houston 10/26 10/27 9/26/2013
New York 10/31, 1/1, 2 – AC & AD only* N/A 10/4/2013
New York 11/4, 5, 6 11/7 10/4/2013
New York 11/8, 9 11/10 10/4/2013
New York 11/13, 14 11/15 10/4/2013
*Apprentice Coach (AC) single auditions & Apprentice Stage Director (AD) single interviews only –
Chicago: morning of 10/16; New York: 10/31 & 11/1, 2 only.
**San Francisco 10/21: Singer preliminary and final auditions on the same day; priority for this date will be given to auditionees traveling by air.
The 2014 Merola Opera Program will take place at San Francisco Opera from June 2 through August 17, 2014 (apprentice coaches will start on May 27); singers, coaches and stage directors may apply.
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If you require a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visitor visa to attend our San Francisco Opera Center Auditions, you must contact us at prior to May 1st of the year you intend to apply for an audition.