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Welcome to San Francisco Opera's Carmen Education website!  We are providing you with a vast amount of Resource Materials and a list of Curriculum Connections, which are organized by content area and will continue to be updated. You now have access to plenty of ideas for how to connect the dress rehearsal of Carmen to your curriculum – for multiple learning goals of Grade 4 through 12 students. We hope that you and your students enjoy the experience of opera in your classroom!

We are interested to hear how you have chosen to implement these materials with your class. Please contact us to share ideas, as well as if you have any questions or suggestions, by email at  Enjoy!

Key:  = English/Language Arts; = Mathematics; = Science; = History/Social Studies; = Visual and Performing Arts; = Career Technical Education; = Foreign Language

Resource Materials

About the Opera - English Social Studies Visual Arts 

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San Francisco Opera Education would like to thank the wonderful contributors of ideas, content and design elements for the Carmen Resource Materials and Curriculum Connections - they are: Maria Mow, R.L. Stevenson Elementary School, San Francisco; Richard Laufman, Yick Wo Alternative School, San Francisco; Randy Heilbrunn, SFO Volunteer; Andi Wong, Independent Consultant, Visualworks; and Kip Cranna, San Francisco Opera Director of Music Administration.

For more information contact our Education Department at or 415-551-6296.