Voices for Social Justice (Grades 4-9)

Throughout historical reform and revolution, music had been a steady force and a conveyor of ideals, opinion, rebellion and affirmation. In this program, Opera Guild teaching artists team up with classroom teachers to introduce how song has been – and can be today -- an instrumental element in shaping and encouraging societal change.
We’ll examine the social and political music from the period your students are studying. We look at both conventional and non-conventional artists of the time and how they served as change agents. We then turn the lens closer to home and learn how music can be a non-violent force in conflict resolution … in the school, neighborhood or city.  Students identify social and political conflicts in their current community and learn how artistic expression can be a progressive and powerful statement to bring about consciousness and change.
Voices for Social Justice is a twelve week residency in which a team of teaching artists visit your class each week. All work can take place in the classroom with the exception of the last two weeks where a more conducive performance space is preferred. The artists team with the classroom teacher to augment the standard curriculum and move the project forward between visits.
Voices for Social Justice is available Sept. 30, 2013-May 30, 2014.
Available to grades 4-9. Ideal for history, social studies, literature, or cross-curricular humanities classes.
There is a participation fee of $1,200 for each participating classroom. Financial aid is available for qualifying schools.

This program is made possible, in part, by generous contributions from Marci Flanery and Karen Bruehl.

Contact the Opera Guild for more information.