Opera à la Carte

A taste of opera that’s huge on student participation for grades 3-8

This engaging program consists of a 45-minute adaptation of a traditional opera or operetta. Masterfully designed, this English production reaches more than 120 schools a year and features professional singers in ornate costumes, a pianist, and a docent – who weave a classic operatic story that includes students in the speaking roles! The artists coach students and rehearse with them, preparing them to perform the opera for the entire school.

This program requires a pre-arranged faculty contact designated to coordinate student actors and school preparation and confirm all details. This faculty champion will facilitate the advance preparation and rehearsal of student actors. Actors must be chosen and lines must be memorized at least two weeks prior to the 45-minute assembly.

Opera à la Carte is available September 30, 2013 - November 29, 2013. Preliminary preparation, open dress rehearsals and facilitator coaching for this program begins in early September in order for all aspects to run smoothly.

Available to grades 3-8.

There is a participation fee of $350 for each school. Financial aid is available for qualifying schools.
This program is made possible, in part, by generous contributions from the following Chapters of San Francisco Opera Guild: East Bay, Marin, Napa/Sonoma, South Peninsula and the San Jose Opera Guild.
Contact the Opera Guild for more information.