Book to Bravo & Voices for Social Justice

Creating your own opera in the classroom, for grades 4-9

Participating teachers will have a choice this year: literature or social justice. The former focuses students on creating operas using a story or fable from their curriculum, allowing them to examine, embody and embrace their literary and historical lessons through our Book to Bravo program. With our Voices for Social Justice program, we give students the option to focus on creating a story rooted in the socio-political cultural environment of the students. Both of these exciting programs, offered in the fall and spring, are seasonal residencies during which a team of teaching artists comes to the classroom and helps students create an original music theatre piece, which they then design, cast and perform. The choice of focus (on curriculum or quest for societal change) is up to the teacher.

Both programs are designed for 90-minute weekly sessions with a team of teaching artists. Book to Bravo is a 10-week program and Voices for Social Justice runs 12 weeks. The artists team with the classroom teacher on content and help move the project along with weekly assignments that must be completed between visits. Access to a performance space and a piano in good working order is necessary for most of the instruction.

Book to Bravo and Voices for Social Justice are available September 30, 2013 - May 30, 2014.
These programs are available for grades 4-9.

There is a participation fee of $1,200 for each participating classroom. Financial aid is available for qualifying schools.
Book to Bravo is made possible by a generous grant from the Cohen Family Fund.
Voices for Social Justice is made possible, in part, by generous contributions from Marci Flanery and Karen Bruehl.

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