Grimsley photo: Rozarii Lynch/Seattle Opera

The Flying Dutchman Final Dress Rehearsal

October 19, 2013   2:00 PM

War Memorial Opera House
301 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco
Donor Event

Approximate running time: 180 minutes.

This is the Final Dress Rehearsal for The Flying Dutchman with singers, orchestra and chorus.
In Wagner's first masterpiece, a ship's captain is condemned to endlessly travel the seas under a curse that can only be broken by a woman's love. This mythic tale of bleak isolation and the promise of salvation will be told through inventive imagery, conveying a distinct sense of the supernatural. The "masterful" Patrick Summers (Houston Chronicle) conducts a cast of outstanding Wagnerians led by Greer Grimsley, who thrilled San Francisco Opera audiences as "a thunderous and dramatically compelling Jokanaan" in 2009's Salome (San Francisco Chronicle), and Petra Maria Schnitzer, who sings with "creamy tone, lyrical grace (a rarity in Wagner) and earthy top notes" (The New York Times). Presented in celebration of the Wagner bicentennial year.
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Please rsvp to attend this event. Doors open at 1:30pm; you may enter through any public door.
This event is a benefit for Medallion Society Founder ($3,000) members and above. Membership card is required for admission. To upgrade your membership to the Medallion Society Founder ($3,000) level or to check your membership status, please call (415) 565-6401.


This production is made possible by the Phyllis C. Wattis Fund for New Productions.