Supernumeraries are people of all ages who share the stage with operatic artists. The Supers volunteer their time and act as "extras" on the stage: non-speaking, non-paid volunteers. Supers can play soldiers, townspeople, nuns, Gypsies, as well as many other important stage-filling roles. The San Francisco Opera is a company of many talented artists, including principal singers, a world-famous chorus, stagehands, dancers, orchestra, conductors, the stage directors, and the technicians and artists responsible for lighting, scenery and costumes. A Super's enthusiasm and cooperation is an important part of the Company's great spirit.

Supernumeries are needed for our upcoming seasons, please see the following documents:

Summer 2015 and 2015–16 Supernumeraries Schedule

If interested, please fill out the appropriate form as thoroughly as possible and send it in with a full-length photograph.

Child Supernumerary Application
Adult Supernumerary Application

Applications should be sent to:
Rehearsal Department
San Francisco Opera
301 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102

If you have any questions, please contact Please be aware that super roles are limited and are cast at the discretion of the stage director. San Francisco Opera will not be able to use all people who apply.