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27,000 Enjoy Opera at the Ballpark
Last Saturday, the audience for Verdi’s Rigoletto at the Opera House was joined by a few extra viewers, as some 27,000 fans packed AT&T Park for the annual Opera at the Ballpark simulcast. Despite the cold and some competing events (the Giants at Arizona, Stanford at USC) judging from the Twitter stream it looked like a lot of people enjoyed the opera, the ballpark, and a night out with friends.

Here’s a selection from the over 1,000 tweets (with the hashtag RigoSF) generated at the event:

Opera in the SF Giants Ballpark. This year it's Rigoletto. I freaking love this city. #RigoSF

My friend Mitch didn't want to come tonight and now he's crying with tears of joy #convertedloverofopera

It may be chilly out, but opera warms my heart. Rigoletto with friends at the Ballpark.


Food Rules
As is only fitting for the foodie’s paradise that is San Francisco, food and drink, especially carbs, played a major part in pre-performance tweets:

Sitting at the lawn with vodka orange :) awesome day @ AT&T Park

Eating prosciutto and cheese and crackers, drinking Pinot Noir and loving Jay!!

French macaroons and chocolate truffles!

Ready to eat carrot cake with @chloeveltman and lots of new friends at center field. Begone Giants ...tonight opera is in the air

Opening the most beautiful chocolate bar in the world before @SFOpera #RigoSF  

Somehow I feel like Verdi would like the chicken strips and garlic fries

Cowgirl Creamery has some very nice cheese that pairs well with Acme Bread. With an evening of opera ahead at AT&T Park. Love it!

Gluten free beer while watching @sfopera Rigoletto.  Life is good.

Bout to get crazy on this caprese #rigoSF @SFOpera

You Despicable Cad!
Once the story started, tweets turned to the plot and the, um, flawed nature of the characters:

This is what happens when you don't let your daughter outside. She falls for the first philandering duke that breaks into her house. #rigosf

The despicable Duke in search of next conquest...but what music Verdi wrote for him. Signor Demuro sings it splendidly.

La Donna e mobile is like totally about me

Giovanna, you SHADY broad.

I think the Duke's Facebook status is stuck on "it's complicated."

Good night for @sfopera at the ballpark. Middle of the 7th, courtiers beating Rigoletto 1-0.

How are none of these men in jail? What kind of lax duchy is this guy running?

San Francisco is a Bit Foggy
In true San Francisco fashion, it was a bit chilly! Next year we’ll remind folks to bring even more layers:

Freezing our falsettos off! @sfopera  @ AT&T Park

But it seems a good time was had by all:

The #RigoSF was AMAZING!!! (don't tell anyone that I cried) The three leads were unbelievable.

Opera at the Ballpark presented by Webcor Builders is free and open to the public. Thanks to all who attended—we hope to see you soon at the Opera House and again next year at the Ballpark. 

[All photos by Cory Weaver]

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