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A Weekend with Susan Rescorla
What a beautiful Labor Day weekend it was in Napa. Susan Rescorla landed and got settled into her hotel on Sept. 4th and we started bright and early on a whirlwind Napa adventure the morning of the 5th.
Somehow, over the months that have passed since I've seen Susan and despite the fact that she experienced major damage to her home from Hurricane Irene, she has become even more fresh faced and beautiful.
First stop - Domaine Carneros by Taittinger. This happens to be, along with Roederer Estate, my favorite champagne. We wanted to have a little tasting before our lunch at the Auberge de Soleil. We sampled 5 different champagnes and tried to be judicious and not get too silly with the bubbly. However, due to either the glorious beauty of the day or the effects of the wine, Susan ended up ordering a half-case of a moderately expensive and aged blend. On the way to the car for lunch, she actually said to me, "How much was each of those bottles?" I told her what I thought I remembered the price to be. She stopped in her tracks, looked up at me and said, "How many did I order?" I told her "Um.....six." She then got in our car and said, "What the hell is wrong with me!?" I'm still laughing about that.
Lunch was spectacular. We split everything and still walked out stuffed. Corn chowder, a taste of homemade gnocchi and some squash blossoms stuffed with ratatouille. Not too shabby.
Last stop...olive oil from Twin Sisters Stone Press. This place smelled like heaven since they also sell local lavender.
We had a wonderful ride home and made great friends with our driver, Mario, who will be coming to the dress rehearsal.

I felt like I was in a dream - spending such a delightful and full day with Susan. We talked about simply everything, laughed, cried and maybe even healed a bit.

I love you so very much Susan. You are a warrior. Rick saw it and so do all those who love you.
Posted: 9/10/2011 5:18:09 PM by Melody Moore (Susan Rescorla, Heart of a Soldier)


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