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Sightseeing with our summer opera characters: Part 3
Last fall, we here at San Francisco Opera were struck by how many connections existed between sights in our beloved Bay Area and the operas presented in our fall season. This inspired us to think about where the characters in our three summer operas – The Tales of Hoffmann, Cosi fan Tutte, and The Gospel of Mary Magdalene – might sightsee while they spent their time in the Bay. Where would E.T.A. Hoffmann go to drink his troubles away? In what seaside community would Mary of Magdala (a fishing town on the Sea of Galilee) feel most at home? And where would Cosi’s Ferrando and Guglielmo get their infamous beard disguises groomed?

In our final installment: Brother, can you spare a beard?

Costumes on Haight:

For their first time in San Francisco, the mischievous soldiers/sailors Ferrando and Guglielmo from Cosi fan tutte may still be in need of disguises to better blend in with the locals. We think they would love a trip to Costumes on Haight, where not only could they get the latest in faux beard fashions, but they could also find police uniforms, Mad Hatter costumes, and practically anything else they might require to go incognito in the City by the Bay.

F.S.C. Barber:

If Ferrando and Guglielmo have managed to grow their own beards before arriving in San Francisco, they’ll need to keep them trim and tidy with a visit to F.S.C. Barber, facial hair groomer to hipsters and octogenarians alike.

Una Pizza Napoletana:

Lady Dorabella and Lady Fiordiligi of Cosi fan tutte could be awfully homesick for the cuisine of their native Naples whilst away in San Francisco. If so, we could easily see the two leading ladies enjoying pizzas and other Neapolitan fare at Una Pizza Napoletana. And since the wait can be long, Ferrando and Guglielmo may not be invited.

San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park:

Because Ferrando and Guglielmo are honest-to-goodness sailors, we think they would marvel at the array of historic ships located in San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. This time they might even sail off in one.

Where else do you see the characters from our summer operas sightseeing in the Bay? Tell us on our Facebook page, and be sure to check out some of the locales we mention. You never know what kind of character you might find there. :) And once you’re done exploring, come join us at the Opera House for a great night on the town. We are, after all, one of the Top 100 things to do in San Francisco before you die. Hoffmann, Olympia, Mary, Ferrando, and the whole gang looks forward to seeing you!
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