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San Francisco Opera's Media Department Prepares for Moby Dick
San Francisco Opera's Media Department works tirelessly to capture and produce the best and most stirring moments on stage. Below is a blog post from Media Coordinator and Assistant Video Director Jessica Shown-Morgan on her recent trip to see the co-production of Moby Dick at San Diego Opera. Moby Dick makes its Bay Area premiere at San Francisco Opera on October 10, 2012.

The Media Department at the San Francisco Opera is always very excited about the upcoming seasons. As the Media Coordinator and Assistant Video Director, I try to research and get as much information on the scheduled operas. Things like basic plot points, scenery, the artists in the production and the actual music helps the Video Director and cameramen understand how best to capture the show.
 A big challenge is when a new opera comes to San Francisco, because we have no archival information to base and/or prep upon. This Fall, San Francisco Opera is presenting the Bay Area premiere of Moby Dick. The folks in the Media department could not be more excited about this production, but because it’s a premiere, we have only a vague idea of how the lighting, blocking, etc. will translate onto video and Operavision.
So, when we found out that San Diego Opera was going to be presenting the same production of Moby Dick that we are doing, and they still had a few tickets available, the Video Director, Master Audio/Video Engineer and I jumped at the chance to be part of the experience.

San Diego Opera’s performance of Moby Dick only made me more excited for it to come to the San Francisco Opera next fall! The opera began with striking graphic wonders that immediately pulled the audience in. It felt like I was practically onstage and could feel the salty wind on my face. It almost felt as though the boat was going to come crashing into the audience. The lighting and amazing set design stunned visually as your ears were tantalized by the amazing singers. Jay Hunter Morris wowed again in his turn as Captain Ahab with the hearty and vibrant cast booming behind him.
This is a triumph of a new work that looks to become an opera classic for years to come!

[Production photos by Karen Almond/Dallas Opera]
Posted: 3/27/2012 11:29:03 AM by Jessica Shown-Morgan (Assistant Video Director)
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