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Tweeting History: The Gospel of Mary Magdalene Viewed from the Tweet Seats
Last Sunday San Francisco Opera invited a small group to attend and live tweet the final dress rehearsal of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. The opera by Mark Adamo has its world premiere on Wednesday, June 19, so this was truly a first glimpse for the public.

As with past live tweet events, Tweeters commented on the story, the design and the singers:

Props to the lighting crew. That transition from dusk to night. Niiice. 

@nathangunn1970 is killing me right now. So good. What he just did on stage in song & action. =) 

Sasha Cooke and Maria Kanyova sound like angels.
#MaryMSF wedding dress is a yellow w/ white tail ends, a white head dress w/ flowers adorned on her crown. Great job @SFOpera costumers!
#MaryMSF has all some great operatic must haves: scandal, lies, doomed love, sex, power & a completely over the top wedding scene! 

[Sasha Cooke as Mary Magdalene.]

After a while, tweeters became involved in the plot, sending advice and comments to the characters on stage:

Wow Mary! Don't drink that cup! This is an opera and it never turns out well. #thingsilearnedfromopera
Miriam, gf, did they have counselors back then? We need to find you one. This is some serious stuff ur pouring out. 
Could comment on the themes, technical aspects, and theological implications, but what's really in my heart is "you go girl". Oops 

[William Burden as Peter, Nathan Gunn as Yeshua, Sasha Cooke and Maria Kanyova as Miriam.]

The work’s subject is serious and meaningful to many, and elicited some thoughtful reactions:

@SFOpera...surprised by my own half-second #whoa to this love scene. LOVE IT but that Catholic guilt dot dot dot!

Yes, I can see how some may find this controversial. 

If more people would quote from the Song of Songs instead of Leviticus, the world might be a better place. 

Peter is right that it is hard to preach love to power.

But the only revolution that matters is inside us says Yeshua. 

[Nathan Gunn and Sasha Cooke.]

We are pleased that the tweeters had a good time:

TY @SFOpera & Mark Adamo 4 a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Pushing boundaries w/thought-provoking & imaginative #storytelling.
Congrats to @SFOpera, Mark Adamo, @nathangunn1970, Sasha Cooke, Bill Burden, & Maria Kanyova for what promises to be a great run. 

Thanks to @sawchristine, @revgirrl, @jamesjetsoften, @bitswizzler, @sly_wit and @ambisextrous for spending your Sunday afternoon at the Opera and for sending your reactions out to the Twittersphere. Tweet on!

If you are interested in live tweeting a future Opera event, please email or tweet to @SFOpera.

Production photos by Cory Weaver.
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