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Keeping Up with the Kanekos
There was a palpable energy in the War Memorial Opera House air in the months leading up to The Magic Flute premiere on June 13. None of us could wait to see this new production full of bold, colorful scenery and costumes by internationally acclaimed artist Jun Kaneko. When Jun and his wife Ree visited San Francisco Opera's Props department and Costume Shop in March, it was the first time they saw Jun's sketches come to life.
Ree Kaneko has graciously shared her photos of the visit with us. Here is a true behind-the-scenes glimpse at the artist and Magic Flute production designer witnessing the process of his art getting ready for the Opera stage for the first time.

[Jun and the two-headed snake construction.]

[Jun (front) watches the props department handle the two-headed snake.]

[The Magic Flute costume rack.]

[Papageno hat construction.]

[Jun paints feathers on the fabric of Papagena's costume; with Daniele McCartan, Costume Director.]

[Detail of painted Papagena costume fabric.]

[Jun views an enlarged version of his Sarastro lion design.]

[Jun views constructed bird costumes.]

[Bird costumes.]

[Jun's sketch of vulture costume design with mask construction in progress.]

[Bird costume construction in progress.]

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