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Did You See Joyce?
Did you see Joyce DiDonato this past Saturday in the Met’s cinema presentation of The Enchanted Island? I have seldom seen such perfection as was evident in every aspect of her performance. Joyce has now arrived at the pinnacle of her profession.

San Francisco Opera audiences have a treat in store when Joyce puts on the pants to play Romeo in our Fall 2012 production of Bellini’s Bel Canto era The Capulets and the Montagues, an exquisite telling of the Romeo and Juliet story, taken from pre-Shakespearian sources. The Juliet will be debuting soprano Nicole Cabell.

Listen to Joyce sing an excerpt from The Capulets and the Montagues in Paris in 2008.

The term “bel canto” means literally “beautiful singing.” The Bel Canto era encompassed the latter part of the 18th century through about 1840. During this era the expressive quality and virtuosity of the human voice prevailed with the orchestra playing a subservient role.

You will have to wait until September to see Joyce DiDonato in our co-production with Bavarian State Opera designed by Vincent Lemaire and with costumes by Christian Lacroix, but you can get a bit of a taste for the production in this trailer from when Bavarian State Opera debuted the production this past March.


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