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Let's Do Some Good
This morning, August 31st, I am looking over my music with twenty or so "notes" from Francesca, her assistant Matthew, David Hanlon (assistant conductor) and our librettist, Donna Di Novelli. These notes are, of course, little things that can be changed to make the show better and better. It just takes a little brain power and a good deal of strong coffee to assimilate the suggestions; especially precious hours before an orchestral run-thru. [Left: Melody Moore and Thomas Hampson as Susan and Rick Rescorla in a recent working rehearsal. Photo by Cory Weaver.]
As we approach opening night, I think about all the things that have been unique about this project.
I am playing someone who is alive and capable of helping me through rough patches in character.
I am working day by day with the composer and librettist and making little changes to the score, words and intent. We are creating together every minute.
I am being directed by a world class leader and team.

Our sound/light/graphics/stage crew is at the top in their fields...literal geniuses behind all of the things the audience will feel and hear.
Patrick Summers makes my head swim with his talent and knowledge.
Last, but not least, I will NEVER AGAIN be able to walk out on stage IN PERFORMANCE in either sneakers or barefoot with hardly any make-up on, dragging a dog and using my own hair. EVER.
"In bocca al lupo," "toi toi toi" and general "breaking of legs" to all involved. Be proud of this project and, in the words of Rick Rescorla, "Let's go do some good."
[Above: Thomas Hampson and Melody Moore as Rick and Susan Rescorla at a recent working rehearsal. Photo by Cory Weaver.]
Posted: 9/2/2011 10:29:23 AM by Melody Moore (Susan Rescorla, Heart of a Soldier)
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